Margarida Mesquita in Público newspaper

In a recent article, portuguese newspaper Público sought the contexts, expectations and motivations of students who were the first generation in their families to go to university. CAPP researcher Margarida Mesquita was one of the specialists invited for comment.

The article describes the experiences of "three young people who found the motivation to break the paradigm" and make choices that were not available to previous generations. The relevance of this new context is highlighted by Margarida Mesquita, who places superior education "beyond its professionalizing function, as a place of personal development". Therefore, even when professional expectations do not materialize, "young people come out of university as more conscious, educated and integrated people, with a greater probability for sucess".

Margarida Mesquita is an Auxiliary Professor at ISCSP and a researcher at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies. Specialized in sociology of the family, she is the author of Parentalidade(s) nas Famílias Nucleares Contemporâneas.