Patrícia Palma and the definition of technology-based entrepreneurship

Researcher Patrícia Palma makes a contribution for the definition of technology-based entrepeneurship in a recent article for the online publication Link To Leaders.

In this new article, the researcher who is also the coordinator of post-graduate studies in "Human Resources" and "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" at ISCSP, defines "entrepreneurship" around the concepts of "opportunity", "innovation" and an orientation beyond the profit motive. Technology-based entrepreneurship is thus defined by a process where an innovative opportunity is identified and explored, turning the technical and scientific know-how into a tool and/or application that generates value.

Patrícia Palma is the author of several books such as "Paixão e Talento no Trabalho" and "Psicologia para Não Psicólogos: A Gestão à luz da Psicologia ou Gestão ou Liderança de Talentos … Para Sair da Crise". She coordinates the School of Leadership and Innovation at ISCSP and the Mission Unit ISCSP-Entrepreneurship, while responsible for the implementation of local entrepreneurship programs in partnership with municipalities.