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  • Prof. António Rebelo de Sousa on Market News International

    The "Unintended Macro Effects and the Bank Resolution Mechanism" is the most recent opinion article of the teacher and CAPP researcher, Prof. António Rebelo de Sousa to the Market News International.
  • Interview to Prof. Miguel Bembe on TV “TPA GLOBAL”

    In the last 10th September of 2014 the CAPP Researcher Prof. Miguel Bembe, was interviewed in the Public Television of Angola "TPA GLOBAL", subordinated to the theme "the transnational terrorism".

  • Prof. Hermano Carmo on Jornal de Letras

    «Hermano Carmo, 64 anos, prof. catedrático do Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, da Universidade de Lisboa, e da Universidade Aberta. Autor de, entre outros, Multiculturalidade e educação a distância, No rasto do PETI e Teoria da política social: um olhar da ciência política.»

  • Margarida Mesquita interviewed on Jornal Magazine

    The parenting study took Margarida Mesquita to the conclusion that the more asymmetric is the model, the lower the share, the more problems there are in the family, with the increase, for example, the stress associated to the reconciliation of work and family.

  • Margarida Mesquita quoted on Jornal Público

    Each generational classification standardizes the diverse, but helps to understand what is common. The ones who born between 1965 and 1981 lived "one stability promess" and now deal with the uncertainty, under a strong pressure to have childrens and be perfect on that role.

  • Miguel Pereira Lopes on Rostos Journal

    In the scope of the schedule of the tribute week to Alfredo da Silva, promoted by the Tejo Bay, today, in the Industrial Museum, took place one Conference under the theme: entrepreneurship, where the Prof. Miguel Pereira Lopes defended the promotion of one " corporate-entrepreneurial governance".


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