Sónia Sebastião and Alice Trindade publish a new paper on Public Relations Review

In Internal communication and organisational culture: The management interplay in the view of the Portuguese communication consultant, now published on Public Relations Review, CAPP researchers Sónia Pedro Sebastião and Alice Donat Trindade, in co-authorship with Giovana Zulato, look into the perspective of communication consultants over the importance of organizational culture in the definition of internal communication plans.

Internal communication in organizations has gradually acquired greater relevance, leading to the expansion of the role of consultants and professional departments in this area. But as noted by the authors, their work cannot be dissociated from organizational culture, which shows itself as transformative and decisive in internal communication.

The relation is explored in the paper now published in Public Relations Review, in which the perspective of communication consultants on organizational culture is explored in depth through a series of interviews. The results offer an image of portuguese communication consultants which bears clues for future research.


Sónia Sebastião is a researcher at CAPP, where she coordinates the research project Teaching and Practicing Public Relations. She is also the coordinator of the Communication / Social Communication Sciences Coordination Unit at ISCSP / University of Lisbon and is the author of several research articles in communication and public relations. She was the organizer for the book Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa: A afirmação global das culturas de expressão portuguesa.

Alice Trindade is a researcher at CAPP and the Vice-president of ISCSP/University of Lisbon, where she teaches several courses. A founding member and former President of the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies, where she is currently a member of the Advisory Board. She recently published Literary journalism, human rights and integration: a portuguese instance.

Giovana Zulato has a Masters in Social Communication and in Strategic Communication at ISCSP / University of Lisbon. She has around 10 years of experience in organizational communication. She is a specialist in Internal Communications, a field in which she currently active both in communication agencies and businesses, in Brazil and Portugal.

The article is available at the publisher's website.




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