Paula Espírito Santo publishes a new paper on Acta Politica

Researcher Paula Espírito Santo is one of the authors of a new article now published on Acta Política. In this paper, the authors examine how members of political parties evaluate items of intra-party democracy.

Co-authored with Edalina Sanches (ICS/UL), Marco Lisi (IPRI/UNL) and Isabella Razzuoli (ICS/UL), this new study uses data from online surveys to grassroots members of three left-wing parties (Socialist Party, Left Bloc and Livre) to examine their evaluatition of items of intra-party democracy and the ways in which their evaluations vary significantly across parties.

The results reveal more positive evaluations among members of radical left parties and for those featuring higher levels of activism and ideological congruence with the party. However, appraisals tend to be more negative when there are higher expectations of influencing the candidate selection process and of gaining professional benefits through membership. The findings suggest that democratising reforms may be a double-edged sword by attracting members who value this kind of change but at the same time fostering critical appraisals.

"Intra-party democracy from members’ viewpoint: the case of left-wing parties in Portugal" is now available online.