Miguel Lopes explores academic performance in a new article on Active Learning in Higher Education

CAPP researcher Miguel Lopes published a new article  Are your students safe to learn? The role of lecturer’s authentic leadership in the creation of psychologically safe environments and their impact on academic performance on Active Learning in Higher Education.

In this new contribution written with André Escórcio Soares from Coventry University, the authors sought to register the impact of lecturer authentic leadership, psychological safety and network density on academic performance.

The results have shown a positive impact of lecturer authentic leadership and psychological safety on academic performance. Students from high-density groups tended to show better academic performance, higher psychological safety and tended to see their lecturers as being more authentic.

The article ends with some of the author's reflections and recommendations on academic performance.

Miguel Pereira Lopes is an Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Human Resources Unit and Assistant-Coordinator of the Socioeconomic Development Unit at ISCSP/Universidade de Lisboa. He is also the Coordinator of the HR&OB Group at CAPP/ISCSP and the portuguese representative on the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Board. He is the author of several academic publications with more than fifty articles published in scientific journals such as the Journal of Management or in the Social Indicators Research.