Pedro Goulart publishes a new study on Fisheries Research journal on the evolution of portuguese fisheries

CAPP researcher Pedro Goulart has just published a new study on the evolution of portuguese fisheries on the Fisheries Research journal. The contribution of economics to this field of research is highlighted.

In "The evolution of fisheries in Portugal: A methodological reappraisal with insights from economics", the authors go back to data series on fisheries in Portugal, showing how an approach informed by economics can contribute to a new evaluation of the performance of portuguese fisheries.

Co-authored by Francisco Veiga (NIPE-EEG, Universidade do Minho) and Catarina Grilo (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), the research considers, for instance, the effects of inflation on the evolution of prices and revenues in the sector. Other elements, such as the repercussions on demand of changes in the prices of substitution goods and the impact of exchange rates on imports are also looked into. In general, the article points to the path of interdisciplinarity, allowing for new interpretations on available data.

As a specialist in development economics, Pedro Goulart is currently Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas and CAPP Vice-president, where he is the coordinator of the Public Administration & Policies research group. He is the Principal Researcher for the "Tell me how it was: Public policies and child labor in Portugal and the Portuguese colonies" research project. Among his 44 publications are articles in scientific journals such as Economics of Education Review, Electoral Studies, European Urban and Regional Studies, e Journal of Educational Research and the Routledge book South-South Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Development, organized with Mansoob Murshed e Leandro Serino.