CAPP researchers will meet Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos

On April 12, ISCSP will be receiving a group of researchers from the University of Málaga, who will  introduce the María Zambrano Aula de Estudios Transatlánticos, an initiative for the development of research partnerships in International Studies between institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. Juan Garcia Gallindo, Vice-rector of the University of Malaga and Director of the María Zambrano Aula for Transatlantic Studies will be one of the guests.

TSN: Revista de Estudios Internacionales is a biannual, multilanguage publication resulting from the initiative. Its editors, Antonio Cuartero, Magdalena Martín and Genoveva Novas will be making the case for the journal on this session.

Alice Trindade and Isabel Soares, Vice-Presidents at ISCSP and respectively, members of the Advisory Board and of the International Advisory Board will be hosting the guests, with Rita Amorim and Raquel Baltazar, who are portuguese correspondents of the Transatlantic Studies Network. Romana Xerez, Vice-President for Research at ISCSP and Paulo Castro Seixas, President of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies will also be present.

The encounter is in line with the research centre's aims for internationalization through science diplomacy and the forging of partnerships held on dialogue and on the exchange of valuable experiences.





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