Filipa Fernandes publishes a new book in open access - Anthropology and tourism – theories, methods and practices

A new book by CAPP researcher Filipa Gomes is available in open acess. The new work was written with Xerardo Pereiro and includes a preface by por Noel B. Salazar.

The new book provides a theoretical, methodological and practical overview of the current anthropological debates on tourism. As the result of long path walked by the authors in teaching and research, Xerardo Pereiro and Filipa Fernandes present in this book a critical and complex view of tourism, demonstrating as tourism is a subject of interest to anthropologists. Conceived in the form of a university, pedagogical and didactic manual, the first part presents a brief introduction to anthropology, allowing us to understand the contents presented in the second part of the book. Here, the authors focus on the relationship between anthropology and tourism and address key issues such as the sociocultural and sociohistorical invention of tourism; tourism as a sociocultural exchange; the connotations and meanings of tourism experiences; the relations between tourism, culture and cultural heritage; tourism as a producer of images and imagery; tourism as a field of power relations; the effects of tourism on the recipients, visitors and other agents of the tourism system; responsible tourism and the moralization of tourism; and finally, the role of tourism anthropology in Portugal.


Xerardo Pereiro e Filipa Fernandes


The book is now available for download.



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