Pedro Goulart publishes new research on portuguese fisheries

CAPP researcher Pedro Goulart has just published new research on Data in Brief, with Francisco J. Veiga and Catarina Grilo.

Following up on previous research by the authors, the new paper Public numbers on monetary valuation of fish landings presents detailed information on the production of portuguese fisheries, correcting information available from different sources according to the inflation ratio. The database provided will be useful for the potential diagnosis and formulation of fisheries sector policies. It can be used for replicating the research in Portugal but will be also useful as a pedagogical element for other contexts.

The research is an output of the research project Public numbers for better policies

As a specialist in development economics, Pedro Goulart is currently Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas and CAPP Vice-president, where he is the coordinator of the Public Administration & Policies research group. He is the Principal Researcher for the "Tell me how it was: Public policies and child labor in Portugal and the Portuguese colonies" research project. Among his 44 publications are articles in scientific journals such as Economics of Education Review, Electoral Studies, European Urban and Regional Studies, e Journal of Educational Research and the Routledge book South-South Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Development, organized with Mansoob Murshed e Leandro Serino.

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