VI Lisbon Arctic International Workshop and Conference

The call for abstracts for the VI Lisbon Arctic International Workshop and Conferenceis now open. The event will take place on December 14 at ISCSP.


Call for Papers

December 14, ISCSP, Lisbon

2018 has been a year characterized by a serious, visible and sensitive transformation of the climate conditions, particularly in the Arctic Region.
All over the planet people are witnessing severe changes both in weather conditions in general and in temperatures in particular. Confirming what seems to be the worst predictions, both Scandinavia and the Arctic have registered some of the highest temperatures ever during Spring and Summer. On the contrary, some traditionally sunny and hot countries, as Portugal, for example, assisted to one of the coldest ones.

However, in Politics all seems to remain “as usual”. Stakeholders keep their focus on their self-interest and objectives, regardless of whether they consider Profit, Power or People (3P) - in spite of having formal speeches focused in Cooperation. The fact is that those 3P along with technology (digitalization – dispute, use, transformation), climate change, space and resources keep all the attention in and on the Arctic Region.
These (visible and sensitive) transformations have Power, Military, Security 3S (Soft, Smart and Sharp), Geopolitics, Geostrategy and Geo-economics, Foreign Policy, International Law, Cooperation, Globalization, Governance and Resilience as their core.

Did the results of the Warsaw Summit threaten or destroy the “arctic exceptionalism” status quo? What to expect from NATO? And from the EU? Did the abrupt and severe climate changes of the last years create new security challenges? What are the main strategic challenges the Arctic Region is facing among Arctic States? Will nationalisms and protectionisms change the face of the Arctic?  And what about non-Arctic actors and stakeholders? What to expect from the 4.0 Revolution in, for and from the Arctic region?

The VI Lisbon Arctic International Workshop and Conference aims to contribute to the continuity, expansion and deepening of the discussion of these topics (among others) in the Portuguese Academic Agenda.


Therefore, Scholars and Researchers are invited to send their abstract proposals with up to 150 words, title and 3 key-words to the organization of the event no later than October 5, 2018 to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The authors of the accepted proposals will be informed no later than October 15, 2018. The working language of the event will be English.

All the expenses related with participation in the Event must be assured by each participant. There will be a Certificate of Participation for registered speakers and attendants upon presence and request. All the communications accepted and presented during the Event will be published in a collective volume, following peer review.


A pdf version of this call is available here.



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