Miguel Pereira Lopes publishes new research on Organizational Dynamics: Leaders as organizational authors

CAPP researcher Miguel Pereira Lopes has just published a new article on Organizational Dynamics, with Paula Cristina Cunha, a PhD student at ISCSP, and Ace Volkmann Simpson, from the University of Technology Sydney. The new paper proposes a perspetive of organizational leaders as the authors of the organization's history.

In "Leaders as organizational authors: What kind of story are you writing?", the authors propose to use the methaphor of the leader as the author of an organizational narrative, as the framework in which the relationships among the different stakeholders in the organization take place. In what ways do leaders influence the writing of organizational history? Should one consider whether the authorship role is based on individual, collective or mixed contributions? Who plays the leading role in this writing? And what are the consequences of the plurality of contributors for future of an organization?

The article is now available on the publisher's website.

Miguel Pereira Lopes is an Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Human Resources Unit and Assistant-Coordinator of the Socioeconomic Development Unit at ISCSP. He is the President of the Executive Board at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies, and the Coordinator of the Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Research Group. He is also the current portuguese representative on the European Academy of Management Board.




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