Public Sciences and Policies is now indexed at Qualis/CAPES

The journal Public Sciences & Policies is a publication from the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies and is now indexed at Qualis, a classification system from CAPES, of the Brazilian Ministery of Education.

The Qualis classification system includes national and international academic journals with scientific papers from postgrad Brazilian researchers in every area of knowledge. The classification is attributed by commissions of specialists, with different criteria approved by CTC-ES. It is updated annually, with each journal being considered for its quality, from A1 to C, with A1 being the higher "strata". The searchable list is available through Plataforma Sucupira.

Public Sciences and Policies is an open access journal with peer-review, published by the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies. The first issue was published in 2015 and it has, since then, included contributions from different countries and areas in the social and political sciences. It is indexed as an interdisciplinary publication at Qualis.

The editions published so far are available for download.




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