CAPP researchers awarded at the 4th ISCSP - University of Lisbon Awards Gala

The 4th ISCSP - University of Lisbon Awards Gala took place on january 21st. During the cerimony, several CAPP researchers were attributed awards for their work.

The cerimony held at Aula Magna Professor Adriano Moreira also served for the celebration of ISCSP's 113th birthday. More than 70 awards were given, with the support of other institutional partners. Among them were Caixa Geral de Depósitos, the Portuguese Navy, the D. Pedro IV Foundation, Servier Portugal and the Martim Moniz Portal. The President of ISCSP, Manuel Meirinho, the Vice-Rector of the University of Lisbon, Luís Manuel dos Anjos Ferreira, and the President of the Administrative Council of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Paulo Macedo, were among the personalities at the event.

The awards aim to promote the scientific production of ISCSP's researchers, aknowledging and valuing individual careers and the enhancement of the publication rations of the research centers. Researchers Caterina Gomes and Fernanda Nogueira were awarded the Advanced Research Award, given by Miguel Pereira Lopes, President of the Executive Board of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies.

The Coordenation Units Advanced Research Awards seek to promote research published in indexed journals by teaching staff at ISCSP who are also fellows at one of the institute's research centers. Filipa Fernandes and Raquel Ribeiro received the award in African Studies, given by Celeste Quintino, President of ISCSP's Pedagogical Council. Susan Garcia received the award in Anthropology. In Public Administration, the award was given by Paulo Macedo to Alexandre Nunes, Sandra Firmino and Ana Lúcia Romão.

Researchers João Catarino and Paulo Castro Seixas received the award for research done in Public Administration and Territorial Policies. The award was given by Luís Manuel dos Anjos Ferreira, Vice-Rector of the University of Lisbon. ISCSP's President, Manuel Meirinho, delivered the award in Communication Studies to the researchers Raquel Ribeiro, Jaime Fonseca, Isabel Soares, Sónia Sebastião and Célia Belim. Researchers Isabel David and Pedro Fonseca received the award in Political Science, while Teresa Almeida e Silva was honored in International Relations, Miguel Pereira Lopes in Strategy and Strategic Studies. The recognitions were given by the Coordinator of ISCSP's Scientific Council, Heitor Romana.

In Human Resources Management, the award was given to researchers Pedro Correia and Patrícia Palma. In Sociology, the research award was given to Pedro Goulart and Paula Campos Pintom, who was also given the Social and Associative Intervention Award in Inclusion, given by Pedro Passos Coelho. Helena Marujo and Fernando Serra were also awarded with the ISCSP-Wellbeing and the Citizenship Awards, respectively. Finally, researcher Cláudia Vaz was recognized with the CPLP Social Capital Award by António Silva Ribeiro.

The event was graced by Magna Tuna ApocalISCSPiana. More photos are available at ISCSP's Facebook page.




o Vice Reitor da Universidade de Lisboa Professor Doutor Luís Manuel dos Anjos Ferreira