CRICITY research project internship

Currently ongoing at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies, the research project "Children and their right to the city: Tackling urban inequity through the participatory design of child friendly cities" aims to provide new insights into children's relations with urban spaces, according to their own perspetives.

Using an etnographic approach centered on the child, the main objective is to understand how children relate and apropriate public urban spaces.

The project now offers a research internship with the objective of analyzing children's places in Urban Planning.


  1. Inclusion in the CRICITY research team, a project ISEG-ISCSP-FLUP, with researchers from four different institutions;
  2. Research oriented towards very specific objectives, in an ongoing partnership with tutors and research assistants;
  3. Written descriptive declaration of participation in the research project.


  1. The internship is geared to last year students of Sociology or APPT
  2. Interest in research in Urban Policies. The specific theme is "Children and the city", on the local governance framework (
  3. Interesse na área dos Estudos e Políticas Urbanas. As crianças e a cidade, no quadro da governação local;
  4. Availability from March to July, with a flexible schedule equivalent to 4 daily hours (around 400 hours total).

This is not a paid internship. Interested parties should deliver a letter of interest and curriculum at the CAPP Secretariat, room 28 on the ground floor at ISCSP, untol february 25. More information about the project.



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