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Two CAPP researchers honored at the Universidade de Lisboa/CGD Science Awards

The Scientific Awards Universidade de Lisboa/CGD are awarded annually to promote scientific research and encourage the publication in international journals. On this year's edition, two CAPP researchers were awarded honorable mentions.

The ceremony for the delivery of the awards took place on April 8. Two CAPP researchers were awarded honorable mentions - Miguel Pereira Lopes received an honorable mention in Legal Sciences and Political Science (Law, International Relations and Public Administration), and Jaime Fonseca also received an honorable mention in Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnology, Demography, Gender Studies and Social Communication). Alice Trindade, Vice-President at ISCSP, noted that "these distinctions reveal the Institute's multidisciplinary scope and the excellence of the continuing research work that its teachers combine with the teaching, management and university extension functions that they simultaneously carry out".

Miguel Pereira Lopes is currently the Executive President of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies, and an associate Professor at ISCSP-ULisboa, where he is also the Coordinator of the Human Resources Unit. He is also the current portuguese representative at the European Academy of Management (EURAM). Jaime Fonseca is an Auxiliary Professor with aggregation at ISCSP-ULisboa, and a researcher at CAPP, where he previously coordinated the Society, Communication and Culture research group. He is the author of several books, chapters and scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals.