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João Bilhim is the author of a new study on the professionalization of public service in Portugal and in Brazil

João Bilhim is the author of a new report published in Cadernos ENAP/Flacso comparing the professionalization of the brazilian and portuguese civil services.

The research compares the brazilian and portuguese civil services, highlighting the positive aspects in each country while considering the current transformations in public administration. The analysis focuses initially on the management of people, on the different types of legal relationship of public employment, rationalization and mobility. The report also analyses issues related with career management and recruitment, performance appraisal and remuneration schemes. The authors come to the conclusion that there is a common trend, in the management of people, towards the adoption of management processes from the private sector, with a higher incidence in the Portuguese central administration.

João Bilhim was the founder of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies, where he is currently a researcher. He is Professor at ISCSP, an institution he presided from 2005 to 2012. He is the author of several publications in international journals of administration research. He recently published "Codes of ethics role in the administration of the Portuguese health sector: the leaders vision" in Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas.

The full report is available online.