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Maria Irene Carvalho publishes a new article on the transformations on social work education in Portugal

CAPP researcher Maria Irene Carvalho is one of the authors of a new paper on Social Work Education, an analysis on the transformations on social work education in Portugal on the last decades.

Written with Helena Teles (ISCSP) and Teresa Paula Silva (Lusíada), this new analysis centers on the development of social work education in Portugal, considering the economic, political and social changes of the last decades. The authors provide new insights gathered from a close look into documents, papers and oficial statistics from the Ministry of Higher Education, describing the path from a context of exclusivity to the current processes of massification. The legislative changes that resulted from Bologna are just one of the elements in the analysis.

Taking note of the constraints, oportunities and challenges for the professionalization in social work education, the authors consider the needs of a higher education system in this area with the development of a field of research that has to be sensible to social and political change, in particular in contexts of austerity policies. The authors also consider this context will have to be critical of privatization processes and the "dismantling of the welfare state".

The paper is available online.