Seminar on the Co-construction of Social Intervention

The International Seminar on the Co-construction of Social Intervention took place at ISCSP, on the 2nd and 3rd of may.

The event highlighted the co-construction of social intervention and Social Work, a process of reflection and action that involves all social agents. The President of ISCSP, Manuel Meirinho, the Coordinator of the Unit in Social Work, Fernando Serra and the President of the Association of Social Service Professionals, Júlia Cardoso, opened the event on the first day. The panels debated the participatory and investigative processes and professional action in Social Work in national and international contexts. On the second day of the event, several workshops were held with professionals, so to discuss the importance of supervised practice and the need for practice-based research.

The researchers Maria Irene Carvalho and Carla Pinto, who were part of the organizing comittee for this event, were also the guest editors of a special edition of the Public Sciences & Policies journal on Social Service in Healthcare.