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Miguel Pereira Lopes interviewed on TVI24 on the occasion of the International Day of Human Resources

On the first year of celebration of the International Day of Human Resources, Miguel Pereira Lopes brings awareness about the theme as a professional practice and field of research to the portuguese television.

The International Day of Human Resources is an initiative of the European Association of Human Resources to promote the debate on issues related with Human Resources and its relevance for businesses. On this day, the researcher and CAPP Executive President Miguel Pereira Lopes was interviewed for TVI24, taking the opportunity to point to a greater concern about issues related with the work environment and its influence over people's health and productivity. Human Resources professionals have a part to play here, and the growing supply of training in Human Resources in higher education institutions will be evidence of the current relevance of the field.

The transformations of the role of the Human Resources professional in organizations were also a theme in this interview. Miguel Pereira Lopes recalls how traditionally, Human Resources used to have administrative functions, such as wage processing. With the advent of automation, HR professionals were liberated from this kind of work, acquiring a more strategic dimension that was focused on the support they can offer to management.

The Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies is also taking part in the Internacional Day of Human Resources to highlight the social contribution of the professionals in the field. With this in mind, CAPP is promoting a space for debate with Mara Ă‚ngelo, Human Resources Diretor at Padaria Portuguesa, Carla Caracol, Human Resources Diretor at Grupo Renascença and Miguel Pereira Lopes.

Miguel Pereira Lopes is the Executive President of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies and an Associate Professor at ISCSP (Universidade de Lisboa), where he is also the coordinator of the Unit in Human Resources Management. He is also the current portuguese representative at the European Academy of Management (EURAM). He received recently an  honorable mention at the Universidade de Lisboa/CGD Science Awards.