Lusophone Congress on Human Resources Management and Public Administration

The fifth edition of the Lusophone Congress on Human Resources Management and Public Administration will take place on the 14 and 15th of november at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences.

The theme for this fifth edition will be "Administration and Management in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities" and the event will be an opportunity to share and debate the different perspetives on the present and future in administration and management and the organizational and social dynamics that serve as context and trigger for the development of people and organizations. The event will gather  international experts, yet to be announced. The main goal will be to bring together the scientific and business communities to exchange information and knowledge, and to deepen the understanding of the "lusophone style" of management.

The period for submissions will be open up to the 15th of july and papers will be accepted on the following themes:

  1. Organizational Behavior
  2. Decentralization, Mobility and Spatial Planning
  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  4. Aging: challenges and opportunities for people management
  5. Management of Human Resources in the Public Service
  6. Governance and Public Health Policy
  7. Public Governance and Administrative Reform
  8. Digital Governance
  9. Leadership and Governance
  10. Human resource development policies
  11. Innovation Policies in Public Administration
  12. Health and wellness at work

The results of the submissions will be communicated to the authors by September 30. The main dates are:

07/15/2019 - Deadline for the submission of proposals
09/30/2019 - Disclosure of results
10/14/2019 - Deadline for the registration of the works approved
10/21/2019 - Disclosure of the full programme
14/11/2019 and 15/11/2019 - V Lusophone Congress of Administration and Management

Participation is free, subject to registration. More details coming soon.