Pedro Goulart published a new paper in Transportation Research A: Policy and Practice

CAPP researcher Pedro Goulart is one of the authors of a new paper published on Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice.

In this new paper, the authors present an analysis of the long-term demand of Lisbon's metro system since the start of operations in 1960. The research shows that changes in demand were more responsive to changes in prices than in service levels. This will be a more relevant factor for people with less income, imposing restrictions on their mobility which is more dependent on public transportation. The research has also shown a strong substitution between the metro service and car use, which is not the case with other means of transportation such as the bus.

In a time when the expansion of the metro system is discussed in the portuguese Parliament, this new research offers an empirical reading of one of the main indicators that will allow to define new orientations for the governing strategy for public transportation in the largest portuguese metropolitan area. “Estimating the long-run metro demand elasticities for Lisbon: A time-varying approach” is a co-authorship by Patrícia C. Melo (ISEG), Nuno Sobreira (REM) and Pedro Goulart (CAPP).

Pedro Goulart is an Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP) and a Vice-President at the Center for Public Administration and Public Policies, where he is also the coordinator of the Power, Administration and Public Policies research group. He is the author of 45 publications, including articles in scientific journals such as Economics of Education Review, Electoral Studies, European Urban and Regional Studies, or the Journal of Educational Research. He was also one of the editors of the Routledge book, South-South Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Development.

The paper is available on the publication's website.