Alexandre Morais Nunes publishes new research on The International Journal of Health Planning and Management

In a new paper just published on The International Journal of Health Planning and Management, Alexandre Morais Nunes analyses the efficiency of hospital units in five portuguese administrative regions.

Written with Diogo Cunha Ferreira (CESUR, CERis), the new paper provides a contextualization of the decentralization process that started in 1993 in the portuguese public health care sector. The authors describe the hospitals' corporatization and merging reforms started in 2002 to optimize costs, improve efficiency, and broaden both access and quality in health services.

A total of 27 institutions in five portuguese administrative regions are analyzed, showing only average performance levels across the country. However, the interregional differences found may contribute not only to improve the management of these hospitals, as well as for the elaboration of new policies in the sector.

Alexandre Morais Nunes is an integrated researcher at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies who frequently publishes in international journals in Health Administration and Management.