Session with Steffan Höger on how to publish in international journals

On 2 October, Steffan Höger, from the University of Gothenburg and a member of the Editorial Commission of the Euroopean Journal of Social Work, was at ISCSP for an session on “How to write an article for an international journal”.

In a session organized by CAPP and researcher Maria Irene Carvalho, the speaker addressed several topics on how to write for international journals and the related strategic decisions during the publishing process. The second part was devoted to questions raised by the audience.

Besides the strategies underlying the publishing process, Steffan Höger addressed topics such as writing for international journals about contexts other than those of English-speaking countries, the peer review process and the reviewers' evaluations. The main reasons for rejecting papers were also addressed, among other aspects of the authors' relationship with journals.