Launch of “Great Thinkers of Management”, new book from Miguel Pereira Lopes, Patricia Jardim da Palma and Rosa Lutete Geremias

The launch of the new collective work “Great Thinkers of Management”, coordinated by Miguel Pereira Lopes, Patricia Jardim da Palma and Rosa Lutete Geremias will take place at 5:30 pm on November 14, during the 5th Lusophone Congress of Human Resources Management and Public Administration.

The book will be presented at Aula Magna Professor Adriano Moreira, Institute of Social and Political Sciences. As part of the Pedagogical Manuals Collection on ISCSP Editions, this new volume presents the fundamentals of the work of classical authors in Management, framed in their own life story and in the context in which their ideas developed. According to the book's coordinators, this new volume "is intended to analyse different approaches, past and present, on the construction of critical management thinking that can add value to the current management practices, allowing us to rethink the management styles that are adopted."
The preface is by António Saraiva, President of the Portuguese Business Confederation (CIP). The book also includes chapters by Miguel Pereira Lopes and Rosa Lutete Geremias on Frederick Taylor; Sónia P. Gonçalves and Joaquim Fernando Gonçalves write about the work and life of George Elton Mayo; Patricia Jardim da Palma discusses the work of economist Joseph Schumpeter; Helena Águeda Marujo and Luís Miguel Neto offer an introduction to Abraham H. Maslow; Carlos Botelho is the author of the chapter on Peter Drucker; Sónia Pedro Sebatião discusses the work and life of Gerard Hendrik Hofstede; Pedro Correia and Bruno Garcia introduce Elinor Ostrom; Luís Miguel Neto and Helena Águeda Marujo write about Larry E. Greiner; and Rosaria Ramos brings us an introduction to Henry Mintzberg.
This work of reference will be available in ISCSP Editions starting in November.