1st Edition of CAPP/ISCSP Research Project Support Program

The signing of the Declaration of Commitment regarding the 1st edition of CAPP/ISCSP Research Project Support Program (2019) took place on December 11 at ISCSP.

After evaluation by a panel of specialists, funding was achieved for three research projects.

Under the responsibility of researcher Sandra Firmino the project entitled Evaluation on the Public Policy of Restorative Justice in Portugal. Led by researcher João Catarino, the project Incentive Public Policy on business creation and entrepreneurship in Portuguese municipalities, and under responsibility of researcher Pedro Fonseca, the project named Indices of Good Governance and Territorial and Social Cohesion in Metropolitan Areas and Regions (MA/MR) of Portugal and Brazil: The case of MA of Lisbon (Portugal) and MRs of Cairiri and Fortaleza (Brazil).

The research teams are multidisciplinary and, in some cases, international. Work begins on January 1, 2020.