Patrícia Jardim da Palma Writes a New Article in the Magazine Link to Leaders

Researcher Patrícia Jardim da Palma from the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies is the author of a new article in the magazine Link to Leaders.



In the article “Towards an integrated regional entrepreneurship policy!” the author highlights “Naturally, an Integrated Regional Entrepreneurship Policy implies the concerted action of several institutions, both at the central power level, and fundamentally of local power (in action terms) and the university itself. Without question, the current outlook of economic and social slowdown is an opportunity for such a policy.”.

The full text is available online.

Patrícia Jardim da Palma has a PdD in Organizational Psychology, Variant of Entrepreneurship. She is a Professor at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon and a researcher at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies, in the Human Resources & Organizational Behavior research group, in the areas of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and talent management.