Management Bodies

Scientific Council

CAPP's Scientific Council comprises all researchers with PhDs and its responsibilities include electing the CAPP President and giving an opinion on the admission of new members, the creation of research groups, activity plans and reports and budgets.

Executive Board

This board consists of CAPP's President and four tenured researchers elected by the Scientific Council. Its responsibilities are managing CAPP's regular operation in accordance with the unit's budget and plan of activities. It also submits a draft budget to the Scientific Council for its appreciation.

The Executive Board currently consists of:


    • Paulo Castro Seixas


    • Pedro Goulart

Scientific Advisory Committee:

As a consultative body, the Scientific Advisory Committee is made up of academics of recognised merit who assist CAPP in its tireless quest for excellence.

Its members are:

  • Prof. Jon Pierre
  • Prof. Onésimo Almeida
  • Prof. Peter van Bergeijk
  • Prof. Rudolf Richter
  • Prof. Stephen Osborne

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