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Quality of Governance - Quality of Life


The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development places knowledge as the foundation for the development of sustainable and resilient societies, adapted to the new challenges posed by a world in constant change. It is through a scientific knowledge that is based on reflection, as much as on empirical evidence, that Public Policies acquire their foundation within the contexts, processes and ways of life that make up our complex and multifaceted societies. The promotion of a scientific culture and effective scientific communication and diplomacy is thus essential, whether through research, consultancy or advanced training.

Founded in 2001, the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) has developed research by privileging an interdisciplinary approach that can be applied to the challenges posed to a governance guided towards the quality of life of citizens. The knowledge produced at CAPP also aims for a wide geographical scope, acknowledging the relations of interdependence that are produced in open and tolerant societies, oriented towards a future built on relations of cooperation.

The diagnosis of challenges, the analysis of public policies and the evaluation of their implementation are thus the object of an in-depth look that characterizes the many activities at CAPP – from research to teaching, from consultancy to a communication of science that is aware of the people that it is aimed at – a citizen science.

A research centre is therefore not only a platform for the meeting between the scientific community and society, but also between policy makers and citizens, economic and cultural agents: a bridge between knowledge from the past, the demands of the present and the objectives of the future.



Paulo Castro Seixas

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President of the Executive Board of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies

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