Editorial Policies


Submission Policy

Public Sciences & Policies accepts submissions of articles written in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. If the manuscript is in Portuguese or Spanish, the author must translate the final approved version into English. Every manuscript submitted to the journal must be accompanied by an abstract and between three and five keywords.

The articles received are submitted to the desk review, by the Editor-in-Chief or by associated editors regarding the adequacy of the journal's mission and focus, and compliance with the technical standards of structure and format. If so, the article is referred to double-blind peer review process.

These analyses are carried out while maintaining anonymity of authorship. The ideas, judgments, concepts, and opinions expressed in articles published by PSP are the sole responsibility of their authors.


All articles submitted and published in the Public Sciences and Policies must be original and have not been published in any journal prior to and in any scientific book or manuscript. The articles should be unpublished.

Peer Review Process

The submitted papers will be reviewed in a double-blind peer review process, and the Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish the articles received when this decision is supported by the evaluation of the reviewers. The process is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: Initial assessment in Desk Review by the Editorial Board, who will decide on the advancement of submitted articles to the peer-review stage.

Stage 2: Detailed evaluation of the selected articles by reviewers in a double-blind process. Reviewers may suggest changes to authors. This phase aims to stimulate a constructive dialogue between reviewers and authors, aiming to improve the quality of the text, until its final version for publication. The number of times a text returns to authors does not mean low quality but rather a stimulus to its improvement.

Stage 3: The Editorial Board has the final decision over the publication of the selected articles, supported by the evaluations from reviewers.

Publication Frequency

Public Sciences & Policies is published biannualy and use the following elements to identify its issues: volume, number and year.


In order to clarify any question, please contact the editorial board through the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .