Conceptions of Healthy Food in Brazil and Portugal: reflections from Human and Social Sciences.

Project title
Conceptions of Healthy Food in Brazil and Portugal: reflections from Human and Social Sciences

Start and End of Project
June 2013 until October 2016

Chief Investigator NECTAR:
Shirley Donizete Prado – NECTAR PPG ANS – Brazil

Chief Investigator CAPP:
Luisa Ferreira da Silva – CAPP/ISCSP-ULisboa - Portugal

Chief Investigator URV:
Mabel Gracia – Spain

Research team

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Belkis Oliveira ASI
Cláudia de Freitas CIES
Christiane Ayumi UERJ
Claudia O. Cruz UERJ
Cristina Vieira CEMRI
Dália Costa ISCSP-ULisboa
Elisa Lopes IUL
Elvira Pereira ISCSP-ULisboa
Fátima Menezes UERJ
Fabiana Bom Kraemer UERJ
Felismina Mendes CIES
Francisco Romão Ferreira NECTAR
Gesseldo Freite UERJ
Graça Carapinheiro CIES
Helena Sant’ana ISCSP-ULisboa
Juliana Klotz UERJ
Kenneth Rochel Camargo Jr. NECTAR
Luísa Ferreira da Silva CAPP/ISCSP
Mabel Arnaiz URV
Maria Claudia Veiga Soares Carvalho NECTAR PPG ANS
Maria José Araújo Portugal
Maria Lucia Bosi LAPQS – UFC Mirian
Bertran Vilá Metropolitan University of Mexico
Tiago Correia CIES, IUL
Virgínia Henriques Calado CRIA-Uminho



Country  Partner
Brazil Center for the Study of Culture and Food (NECTAR)
Center for Administration and Public Policy (CAPP)
University Rovira y Virgili (URV)
Mexico Metropolitan University of Mexico

Federal University of Ceará

-In UERJ the project integrates the research line “Policies, knowledge and practices in Food, Nutrition and Health” Program Graduate in Food, Nutrition and Health NUT (PPG ANS) that develops the academic Master's courses and doctoral recommended with concept 4 by CAPES.
-In ULisboa the project integrates the Research Group on ‘Systems and Policies, Practices and Rationalities of Health’ in  CAPP / ISCSP.

Project Main Goals:

The aim of this Project is the construction of conceptions on healthy food in contemporary societies where global change occurs in a fast pace. It concerns specifically Brazil and Portugal.
It aims to understand the polyphony of the multiple messages disseminating conceptions of healthy food and its relation with identity codes and food habits, in the scope of food, public Policies and culture.
Hypothesis is that the production of conceptions on healthy food follows a strategy of food ‘bricolage’ contributing to consumption, to identity codes and also to public policies.
It covers three lines of research under the theme of healthy food:

  1. Meanings constructed through food habits;
  2. Managers perceptions on promotion of healthy food and food safety;
  3. Dissemination of healthy food conceptions through marketing and publicity.