Health and Governance – NHS 2015 – Portugal

Project Title:
Health and Governance – NHS  2015 – Portugal 

Start and End of Project:
20 July of 2015 until 15 October of 2015

Chief Investigator:
Prof.  Maria Helena Monteiro

Funding Entity:
Secretaria-geral do Ministério da Saúde

Research Team:

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Maria Helena Monteiro CAPP/ISCSP
Ricardo Ramos Pinto CAPP/ISCSP
Elisabete de Carvalho CAPP/ISCSP


Name Institutional Afiliation
Fernanda Morais  Ex- Ernst & Young 


Country Entity
Portugal iLAB - eGovernment  & eGovernance
Portugal Escola da Administração da Saúde


The Governance models in both the public and the private sectors and in the organizations that combine the two sectors, are more and more relevant, because the complexity of the management of structures and organizations is even increasing.

The transformations of the sectors of activity and the new technologies specific of them are multiple and the goals, obligations and commitments internally and externally set for the ecosystems of the different sectors are more and more demanding. The specialized skills are consistently insufficient and the financial and human resources always scarce. The opportunities and problems arisen in the different sectors induce a complementarity of opinions and options of the stakeholders until the desired consensus is reached.

In this national and transnational organizational space of fast change in contexts of high complexity and risk, trust and commitment of all parties involved constitute a critical factor for the next steps to take.

The new model for the management of Public Administration is called New Public Governance, with emphasis on the negotiation of values, meanings and relationships, and using networks and multi-relation contacts as mechanisms for the allocation of resources.

Supplying public services in a plural and pluralist state, based on a system of public service and not in individual institutions, constitutes the desideratum for the efficiency of the performance of Public Administration which Governance initiatives try to answer.

The Health Sector, and more precisely the National Health Service, lies within this characterization.

This Project aims at identifying and characterizing the practices of Governance set in movement in Portugal, in the public Health sector, by the Ministry of Health, in the XIX Constitutional Government. The Project tries to answer the following initial question:

“What was the contribution of the XIX Constitutional Government, towards a greater strength of Governance in the Administration of Health?”

A few of the vectors under observation in this Project, in the área of models of Good Governance in the Public Sector are:

•        Accountability

•        Transparency

•        Effectiveness and Efficiency

•        Provide an answer in a timely manner

•        Equity and Inclusion

•        Independency

•        Prevention of Conflicts of Interests

•        Participation of the several Stakeholders

•        Abide the Law

•        …


- Report: "Saúde e Governança em Portugal Avaliação do contributo do XIX Governo Constitucional para o fortalecimento de práticas de Boa Governança na área da Saúde (2011-2015)