Live Well Index Study

Project Title:
Live Well Index Study

Start and End of Project:
23 June 2014 to 30 January 2015

Chief Investigator:
Prof. Helena Marujo

Funding Entity:
Holmes Place WorldWide

Research Team

Researcher Name
Institutional Afiliation
Helena Marujo CAPP/ISCSP
Patrícia Jardim da Palma CAPP/ISCSP
Luis Miguel Neto CAPP/ISCSP
Miguel Pereira Lopes CAPP/ISCSP



Country Partner
Portugal Instituto de Formação e Consultoria do ISCSP-UL
Portugal Centro de Administração e Políticas Públicas
-- Holmes Place Worldwide


As part of its strategy of fostering a healthy life - “Inspiring People to Live Well” - based on the principles “Move Well”, “Feel Well” and “Eat Well”, Holmes Place wishes to create a simple tool for consumers to identify their real quality of life so that they can then be given advice on how to ”Live Well”.
This is where the Living Well Score comes in. Individuals fill in a quick questionnaire online and their final score will be used to assess, change and monitor their lifestyle, in terms of health and sports, mood and psychological status, and eating habits.

The main goals of the Living Well Score are:

  • To allow people to self-diagnose their behaviour patterns (to make them aware of their habits and their consequences in terms of health and sports, mood and psychological status, and diet);
  • To use this score to help them adopt better habits in terms of health and sports, mood and psychological status, and diet;
  • To monitor a good lifestyle by regularly assessing their everyday behaviour and its consequences;

Specific goals:

  • To build an indicator from a scientific Living Well Score questionnaire to strictly and effectively assess, change and monitor lifestyles in three areas: health and sports, mood and psychological status and eating habits. The questionnaire produces four separate scores: Move Well, Feel Well and Eat Well and one total score;
  • To disseminate the Living Well Score to the HOLMES PLACE community (10 countries), as an accurate, scientific tool for assessing and monitoring habits and effectively fostering a healthier lifestyle;
  • To assist in systematic use of the Living Well Score to monitor and promote a healthy lifestyle;
  • To advertise the Living Well Score to the extended community (outside HOLMES PLACE) by publishing studies attesting to the results of identifying and changing to a healthy lifestyle and their real impact on the participants' health and sports habits.