Media and Cultural Consumption: influence and reciprocity between media, people and brands

Project Title:
Media and Cultural Consumption: influence and reciprocity between media, people and brands

Start and End of Project
2011 until 2016

Chief Investigator
Prof. Paula Cordeiro

Research Team

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Paula Cordeiro CAPP/ISCSP
Inês Bettencourt da Câmara ISCSP
António Mendes ISCSP/IADE
Tiago Mourão ISCSP
Sofia Lameira ISCSP


Country Entity
Portugal Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas



Main aim is to analyse media and creative industries focusing on the characterisation of the activity sectors and their contribution for creative economy in interaction with technology, and media. By analysing contemporary organisational structures, business models, professional routines and praxis the media economy and management will also be studied. Within this field of research, media marketing (specifically concerning media branding) is also to be observed, from the point of view of professionalization of media work and the influence of technology. Therefore, content, formats, genre and interactive media are part and parcel of this analysis, studying media in relation to brands, as a relevant structure for media funding, for an understanding of contemporary media business models and the development of innovative media formats in relation to brands and consumerism. Main objectives include an evaluation of media contribution to citizenship, in a consumption framework of media in relation to brands and consumerism; to study user generated content as an emerging form of media content strategy, and the influence brands are trying to have among users to develop branded content; also to analyse creative industries, in the convergence of economy, cultural diversity and technology.


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