Media in the XXI century: print, radio and TV in 2.0 times

Project Title:
Media in the XXI century: print, radio and TV in 2.0 times

Start and End of Project:
2011 - 2017

Chief Investigator:
Prof. Paula Cordeiro

Research Team:

Researcher Name
Institutional Afiliation
Paula Cordeiro CAPP/ISCSP
David Dias
Luis Loureiro ISCSP
Liliana Pereira ISCSP


Country Entity
Portugal Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas



Acronym Entity
APR Associação Portuguesa de Radiodifusão
RDE Radiodays Europe



The Internet development as a new communication platform and its media appropriation indicates that media are using it as a new distribution platform. Using mixed methods of sociological analysis, qualitative research will be combined with quantitative data analysis techniques to reach an understanding of the various digital phenomena that are meaningful to analyse the contemporary media context and their particular social and institutional relevance. Relation between Communication Sciences and Computer Sciences will perform high-tech analysis and study the influence of technology in media and communication, focusing particularly on creative industries, whereas audience research, gender and minorities will be specially scrutinized. These aspects are also linked to regulation and public policies. It is our aim to study the interaction between media and cultural diversity, focusing on the role of public service media towards the enrichment of the public sphere, understanding the relationship between media and Internet on the broader context of a digitalized society, and to study the changes occurring in the media activity, content production and distribution.