Portuguese Social and Political Attitudes: An Infrastructure

Project Title:
Portuguese Social and Political Attitudes: An Infrastructure

Start and End of Project
2013 until 2016

Chief Investigator:
Jorge Manuel Vala Salvador (ICS-UL)

Project Reference:

Research Team:

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Anália Torres CAPP/ISCSP
Pedro Magalhães ICS-UL
Marina Lobo ICS-UL
João Ferreira de Almeida CIES


Country Entity
Portugal Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Portugal Instituto de Ciências Sociais
Portugal Instituto Universitário de Lisboa


The IASPP is a research infrastructure funded by Science and Technology Fundation (FCT - Ref:RECI/IVC-SOC//0476/2012) focused on social and political attitudes in Portugal, in a comparative perspective from surveys applied to statistic samples. Having a recognized value based projects, such as the European Social Survey (ESS) or the Portuguese Election Studies (PES), the IASPP includes the research programs of the Portuguese Social Attitudes (ASP).
Resorting to and interdisciplinary approach ( counting, for example, with sociologists, political scientists and social psychologists) and a consolidated institutional collaboration between ICS-UL, ISCTE-IUL, ISCSP-Ul and international partners, the IASPP aims to: allow the Portuguese social sciences community to draw and interpret stability and change in the European Social Attitudes; increase the accuracy of comparative research; create national development indicators, taking into account the perceptions and judgements about key social aspects; Train researchers into quantitative methods; increase data visibility on social change among academics, policy makers and the general public.