Research Grant for bachelor on the CRISEA research project

Scientific area: Anthropology

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the following requirements cumulatively:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology;
  • Proven experience in qualitative research;
  • Proven knowledge in English writing skills;
  • Proven experience in the submission of scientific papers to indexed journals.

Work Plan:
Research tasks in a project involving 13 international institutions. Assistance of the Portuguese research team, either in general support to the project, either in content analysis of interviews and writing support of the final texts; event organization and paper submissions to indexed journals will also be part of the work plan.

Work Place:
The activities will be developed at the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) of the Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP), under the supervision of Professor Paulo Castro Seixas.

Duration of the Fellowship:
The fellowship will have a duration of four months, starting on 1 July 2018, which may be renewed up to the maximum period provided in Article 7 of the Regulation for Research Fellowships of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. – 2018.

Fellowship Monthly Allowance:
The monthly allowance is €745, according to the current table of fellowship values directly attributed by FCT, I.P. in the country ( To the value of monthly allowance will be added payment of charges resulting from contributions to the first level of the Voluntary Social Insurance Scheme, as referred in article 36º of Decreto-Lei nº 40/89, of February 1st, whose adherence is of the exclusive responsibility of the Research fellow.

Selection Method:
The selection method will consider the curricular evaluation (50%) and interview (50%).
I. The curricular evaluation will be weighted as follows:

  1. Academic Background of the candidate; (10%)
  2. Proven previous experience in qualitative research; (10%)
  3. Knowledge of Southeast Asian countries; (10%)
  4. Degree of knowledge of the English language; (10%)
  5. Proven experience in submitting scientific articles in indexed journals; (10%)

II. Interview (50%);

Application Deadline:
The application period is open from May 21 to June 4, 2018.

Application Process:
Applications must be mandatorily formalized through an application letter, with identification of the procedure, accompanied by the following documents: a) Detailed curriculum vitae; b) Certificate of qualifications with proof of grades in each discipline and of english; c) Documents confirming previous experience in qualitative research d) Proof of submission of indexed scientific articles, and e) other documents considered relevant.

Applications should be personally delivered, from 9h30 to 12h00 or from 14h30 to 17h00 at Serviço de Expediente,at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, Pólo Universitário do Alto da Ajuda, Rua Almerindo Lessa, 1300-663 Lisboa – or sent by registered mail to the same address, at the care of Gabinete de Apoio à Investigação, Room 36, 0 floor.