Pillars of Behavioral Economics Conference

On October 3, the Conference Pillars of Behavioral Economics, organized by Universidade Europeia, will take place at Quinta do Bom Nome.

Behavioral Economics is a fast growing and multidisciplinary field with many key inputs to understanding judgment and decision-making in academia and practice (business and finance, politics, health, and others). Two Nobel laureates, Daniel Kahneman (2002) and Richard Thaler (2017) underscore the expansion of Behavioral Economics since the publication of the founding article by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman on risk choice and prospect theory, which remains a paradigm in the field. This conference, Pillars of the Behavioral Economy, has as main objective to transmit, in presentations by four experts, where the Behavioral Economy is today in its four fundamental pillars.

The period for applications is now open.