26th World Congress of Political Science

The 26th World Congress of Political Science will be held in Lisbon, from 25 to 29 July, 2020.

The congress, will take place on the campus of Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Campolide, and will be an opportunity to discuss Political Science and international relations with researchers from different countries.

Organizado no âmbito deste congresso, o painel “The Politics of Heritage: Spaces, Policies and Practices of Cultural Governance in Pluralistic Societies” aims to debate the new challenges and paradigms in the making of heritage in a globalized world.

Chair: Prof. Heriberto Cairo, Co-chair: Prof. Cristina Montalvão Sarmento

Description: In this panel, our aim is to open a space to share conversations that stimulate a reading of heritageization as an inherently political and spatial discourse. We are interested in approaching the regimes of cultural governance, meaning the policies and practices of UNESCO, the European Union and other institutions that identify what heritage is. But we also expect contributions that may reflect around the meaning-making engaged in heritage policies and practices in other scales, institutions, communities and cultural facilities. Also, we expect to debate the challenges for national cultural heritage making in pluralistic societies, approaching new forms of nationalism and integration policies may rely on heritage discourses.

The panel “Methodologies for Institutional Context Studies: analyses of Law and Political Science” aims to understand the relationship between Law and Political Science using previous research on institutional contexts as a starting point for the debate.

Chair: Prof. Ana Farranha, Co-chair: Prof. Murilo Borsio Bataglia

Description: This panel aims to understand the relationship between Law and Political Science. For this, it searches for studies that deal with institutional contexts as a methodological analysis. The starting point is the concept of institutional context: a set of formal and informal elements that influence practices, behaviors of people and institutions, and decisions. It seeks to confirm how contexts interpret and reinterpret norms and their applicability, considering innovative elements for the legal and political approach. These are some questions arisen: do institutional contexts reinterpret norms and influence organizational arrangements? In what perspective? Is there an influence on organizational culture? How do new nationalisms reinterpret and modify contexts? We look for studies that dialogue with these methodological perspectives, analyzing institutional behaviors, elaboration and application of norms, in a multidisciplinary sphere, that permeates the field of law, public policies, and public management. Such researches are important for the fields of Political Science and Law, allowing amplification of analysis; innovating with multiple political languages, pointing out new paths that bring the complexity of the context in the elaboration and normative application, in political dialogue, advancing the limits of the formality.

These are still open panels, and the deadline for the submission of abstracts is 10 October, which should be sent using the event’s website. English will be the working language.