COMPPOR - Comunication, Public Problems and Organizations


Start and end of the project
2018, ongoing

Principal Investigator
Prof. Jaime Fonseca


Research Team

Researcher Institutional Affiliation
 Jaime Fonseca
 Stella Bettencourt da Câmara CAPP/ISCSP



Contemporary societies have undergone profound social changes in recent decades in various domains. With the ComPpOr project, we aim: (1) to analyze the relevance of communication in organizational context as in broader contexts, in the general public, accompanying processes of adaptation and transformation; (2) to identify public problems and seek for contributions, for example, the citizen perceptions on (a) livable communities, (b) determinants of citizens' dissatisfaction, (c) the life-cycle perspectives; (3) to analyze the determinants of employees' intentions to quit, including, for example, communication, satisfaction, motivation, commitment, leadership, emotions.

The project is developed along diferent research lines, with different coordinators. Other research lines are being considered and can be implemented at any moment.


1. Research line coordinated by Professor Jaime R. S. Fonseca

  1. Project – Methods in Social & Political Research
  2. Project – Communicating With
  3. Project – Health, Public Problems and Public Policies
  4. Project – Livable Communities
  5. Project – Livable Communities: Public and Private Sectors

2. Research line coordinated by Professor Stella Bettencourt da Câmara

  1. Project – Life course Perspectives