CPLP: The global affirmation of Portuguese-speaking cultures

Project Title:
CPLP: The global affirmation of Portuguese-speaking cultures

Start and End of Project:
September 2014 until 2018

Chief Investigator:
Prof. Sónia Sebastião

Research Team:

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Sónia Pedro Sebastião CAPP/ISCSP
Heitor Barras Romana CAPP/ISCSP
Sandra Rodrigues Balão CAPP/ISCSP
Teresa Almeida e Silva CAPP/ISCSP
Nuno Canas Mendes ISCSP
Raquel Barbosa Ribeiro CAPP/ISCSP
Paulo Martins ISCSP
Alice Trindade CAPP/ISCSP
Isabel Soares CAPP/ISCSP
Rita Amorim CAPP/ISCSP
Raquel Baltazar ISCSP
Filipa Fernandes CAPP/ISCSP
David Dias ISCSP / RTP


Country Entity
Portugal Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas



This project aims to present the CPLP as a global organization to promote Lusophone cultures, highlighting the role of communication in its international projection. Nevertheless, the cultural context of the CPLP was established as one of its areas of intervention, and it is therefore urgent to understand how the overall performance of the organization has influence on his media image.

• Characterize the performance of CPLP countries within the international context;

• Analyze the axes of intervention CPLP;

• Identify opportunities for development of the member states in economic terms (especially related to culture and tourism);

• Highlighting the role of communication in valuing CPLP global mission;

• Analyze national and international CPLP’s media representation.

Outputs: Collective Book | Event

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