European Communication Monitor

Start and End of Project
January 2018 – December 2020

Principal Investigator
Sónia Sebastião

EUPRERA e outros european sponsors

Research Team

Researcher Institucional Affiliation
 Sónia Pedro Sebastião CAPP/ISCSP - Universidade de Lisboa
 Susana de Carvalho Spínola CAPP/ISCSP - Universidade de Lisboa


University of Leipzig
European Association of Communication Directors
PRIME Research
Fink & Fuchs

Project Summary

The European Communication Monitor 2018-2022 is the largest study in strategic communication and public relations worldwide. The European Communication Monitor (ECM) has been established as the leading annual survey on ongoing trends in strategic communication worldwide since 2007 with more than 3,000 participants from more than 40 countries each year. Additional surveys sharing the same design and many instruments are conducted bi-annually in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America (forthcoming), altogether forming the Global Communication Monitor series.
The project update (see second document) shows that ECM data are continuously exploited in academic conference papers and journal articles by the core team. Some articles are also positioned in cross-national professional publications. However, ECM insights are only partially used to inform national research communities (e.g. through papers in national languages and journals) and professional communities across Europe (e.g. through articles, essays, interviews in national industry/PR magazines; through presentations at national professional conferences etc.). Most importantly, the opportunity to produce a specific national report on current trends in communication management and public relations based on the ECM data has only been used very rarely – while this would offer a great opportunity to produce meaningful results in national languages for the profession.