Teaching and Practicing Public Relations


Professor Sónia Sebastião - Principal Investigator

Sónia Sebastião has a PhD in Social Sciences, specializing in Communication Sciences. She is Associate Professor at ISCSP in this area, and currently develops research focusing on Strategic Communication and Public Relations. She is also the Coordinator of the Scientific and Pedagogical Unit of Communication Sciences and of the Post-Graduation in Digital Strategic Communication. A Research Senior Fellow in the Communication, Culture and Society research group, where she coordinates the projects "Teaching and Practicing Public Relations" and "CPLP: the global affirmation of the Portuguese cultures". She is also the national coordinator of the European Communication Monitor 2018-2020.

Professor Susana Spínola

Susana de Carvalho Spínola has a PhD in Communication Sciences. She integrates the MARPE network, a consortium of European researchers in public relations. She is member of several scientific committees and has several articles and books chapters in the fields of PR theories, strategic PR, public affairs, lobbying, public and corporate diplomacy, and PR education.


Professor Isabel Soares

Isabel Soares is Associate Professor at ISCSP, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal (School for Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon). Research Fellow at CEAF (Centre for African Studies) and CAPP (Centre for Public Administration and Policies). Founding member, former President and currently Awards Committee Chair and Advisory Board member of the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies. Vice-President and Language School coordinator at ISCSP. Her research interests are within the fields of literary journalism and imperial and postcolonial studies.

Professor Alice Trindade

Alice Donat Trindade is Associate Professor with ISCSP, Universidade de Lisboa, serving as Vice-dean since 2012 and is a member of the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies. She has published in the areas of American Studies, Literary Journalism and on the teaching of languages for specific purposes.

Professor Célia Belim

Célia Belim has a PhD in Social Sciences, in the specialty of Communication Sciences (2016), and is assistant professor at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal). She has already worked in the various communication sub-fields, such as journalism, organizational communication and media advisory. She has published and participated in international conferences on her focus of interest which are: media representations; political image and communication; media, political and public agenda; semiology; and health communication.