The production of Christmas Tourism Imaginaries

Project Title: 
XmasTI: The production of Christmas Tourism Imaginaries

Start and End of Project
September of 2015 - ongoing

Chief Investigator
Prof. Filipa Fernandes

Research Team

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Filipa Fernandes CAPP-ISCSP
José-Carlos Garcia-Rosell Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI), University of Lapland


Country Entity
Finland University of Lapland – Multidimensional Tourism Institute


Christmas has become a global phenomenon with economic relevance (Miller 2001).  Even in countries with no Christian traditions, Christmas remains an important socio-economic event . While there are several tourism studies on Christmas (e.g. Hall, 2008; Pretes; 2007), Christmas as tourism imaginaries has received few attention. As an imaginary Christmas has been produced and consumed in destinations around the world shaping tourism practices and fantasies (Salazar, 2012). This production has been made collaboratively among multiple social actors within national tourist systems / regional / local, showing aspects linked to issues of power and governance (important in the construction of tourist images and discourses).

Knowing that several narratives, representations and images form the basis of the tourism industry (Adams, 2004), it will be interest to understand how local tourist agendas have produced imaginaries aiming glocal consumption.


  • Identify the processes of construction of narratives and tourist discourses
  • Investigate which are the major actors in the processes of Christmas imaginaries construction
  • Analyze how the production of imaginaries affects the construction / identity of the place.

To accomplish these goals, we intend to:

  • Make a bibliographic review within the theme
  • Do some observations at Rovaniemi (Finland) and Óbidos (Portugal)
  • Interview the producers at tourism systems regarding the Christmas imaginaries at both places
  • Compile and analyze the contents of social networking websites in Finland and Portugal in the last 24 months regarding Christmas imaginaries.


  1. Production of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  2. Communications in internacional conferences
  3. Supervision of a master’s thesis in tourism.

Tourism, Tourism Imaginaries, Christmas, Santa Claus Village, Finland, Óbidos, Portugal, production tourist destinations.