Start and end of the project
Março de 2018 a Dezembro de 2020

Principal Researcher
Ana Paula Fernandes


Research Team

Researcher Institutional Affiliation
 Ana Paula Fernandes
CAPP/ISCSP and Universidade Aberta
 Jaime Fonseca
 Vitor Dauphinet
Colaborator at Universidade Aberta



Consultant Institutional Affiliation
 James Cashmore
Soil Association, University of West England



 Universidade Aberta



School is recognized as a strategic place for health promotion and disease prevention. Due to this reality, Portuguese health and education authorities, developed several recommendations and guidelines with a view to transform school in a healthy eating promotion place. Despite these efforts, the school has made little progress in this mission, which is why its food supply is a source of criticism, as well as low food literacy among students, parents and the rest of the educational community.

The Escol@.Come project aims to use the strategy created in 2013 by the UK Department of Education called "The School Food Plan". This approach emphasizes the central role of the teacher figure and their ability to transform the eating behaviour of the students and the school as a space that promotes healthy eating habits. Escol@.Come will be implemented through information and communication technologies, making use of the Open University e-learning platform and it’s Virtual Pedagogical Model.