Food and Lifestyles

Project Title
Food and lifestyles

Start and End of Projecy
4 March 2015 until April 2018

Chief Investigator
Prof. Luísa Ferreira da Silva

Research Team

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Luísa Ferreira da Silva


Cristina Vieira CEMRI-UAb
Dália Costa CIEG-ISCSP
Christiane Kuwae UERJ e CAPP
Irineia Soares ISCSP


Country Entity
Portugal Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Portugal Universidade Aberta
Brazil Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro


Food is a cultural phenomenon that responds to the biological need with values and rituals. It is a social phenomenon reflecting social structure. In our societies food is viewed as a health phenomenon and submitted to the medical power of domestication of the bodies in the sense of 'healthy'. Concepts of eating are changing in the sense of greater individual and family responsibility for 'healthy'. However evidence shows individual resistance to changing taste and behavior.
This research addresses the understanding of the multiple influences between food practices and conditions of objective and subjective life. The method is qualitative, using in particular the focus group techniques and interviews. The project is developed in several stages, each of them deepening and extending to new groups the analysis of previous data. Initially, the method of focus groups with mothers / parents of children in primary education, looks for the understanding of food habits of children in the context of family life and social and economic living conditions, and family culture, taking into account gender (child and / parent).