Housing and Welfare State

Project Title:
Housing and Welfare State

Start and End of Project:
2014 until 2018

Chief Investigator:
Prof. Romana Xerez

Research Team:

Researcher Name
Institutional Afiliation
Alexandre Adôa CAPP/ Câmara Municipal de Setúbal
Jaime Fonseca CAPP/ISCSP
Romana Xerez CAPP/ISCSP


Country Entity
Portugal Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Goerlitz University



How does housing matter to comparative welfare state in a time of change and post crisis?The deregulation of the housing market, the decreasing of social housing, the increasing of homeownership and the end of housing boom, transformed the role of housing in the welfare state: it was reversed from a cornerstone to a wobbly pillar; the subprime crisis given rise to an unprecedented emergence of new social risks. After the 2008 crisis, Southern European countries has been experiencing financial problems and abiding by an austerity program drawn up by the Troika with tremendous consequence on the welfare state. This project aims to analyse, in a comparative perspective, welfare state response to new social risks and housing needs.

The purposes are:

  • Cooperating in the development of the national and international research network on social policy;
  • Cooperating in the development of the national and international research network on housing and social housing system;
  • To research Southern European Housing Finance System;
  • To developing understanding about what role does housing play in the welfare state, after the 2008 crisis;
  • To analyze the relevance of new social risks in the reforms of welfare state;
  • To assess the effect of new foreign residents in the housing market in Portugal.