Social work, fields and professional identities


Start and End of Project
July 2016 to July de 2019

Principal Investigator
Professor Maria Irene Carvalho


Research Team

Researcher Institucional Affiliation
 Maria Irene Carvalho
 Carla Cristina Pinto CAPP/ISCSP
 Ana Esgaio
 Ana Paula Garcia
 Cristina Duarte
 Helena Teles
 Jorge Lopes ISCSP
 Otília Morgado ISCSP
 Patrícia Campaniço ISCSP



Consultant Institucional Affiliation
 Josiani Julião
Universidade Estadual de São Paulo/França



 Associação de Profissionais de Serviço Social
 Sindicato dos Profissionais de Serviço Social
 União das IPSS
 Confederação Nacional das Instituições de Solidariedade Social
 União das Misericórdias Portuguesas
 Associação Nacional dos Municípios Portugueses



The project aims for the understanding of the configuration of the Social Work profession in Portugal, from a critical perspective. It considers current socioeconomic and political challenges and their impact on the configuration, implementation and mediation of social policies, while at the same time highlighting the contribution of social work for the promotion of welfare and social justice.



The project aims provide context to processes of social change and social policy, and understand how they influence social intervention and reshape the profession of social work, map the areas of intervention of social workers in key sectors of central and local administration, and in profit and non-profit civil organizations, locate the professional practice within the context of social policies and provide a characterization of the action of social workers, taking into account the legal framework, and the worker's functions, methods, techniques, principles and values and define intervention models, considering the theoretical, methodological, instrumental, ethical and political standards in Social Work.


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