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Global Arctic Project Portugal

Start and End of Project
2014 - Ongoing

Principal Investigator
Professor Sandra Balão


Research Team

Researcher Institutional Affiliation
 Sandra Balão CAPP/ISCSP
 Lassi Heininen
University of Lapland
 Mathias Finger
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
 Mário Rodrigues Pontes
 Carolina Silva CAPP/ISCSP
 Valter Cláudio CAPP/ISCSP



The GlobalArctic project aims to foster a comprehensive and trans-disciplinary approach of the Arctic in a global ecological, cultural, economic, geopolitical and societal context. In particular, it aims, on the one hand, at understanding the dynamics of the Arctic, as it increasingly becomes part of global changes, the world-wide resources and transportation economy, as well as global geopolitics and geo-economics with a danger of an ‘irreversible collapse’ of industrial civilization. Yet, on the other hand, the Arctic already is, and increasingly will be, a key agent of global changes, as it is also a place from where a paradigmatic change in global governance, as well as that in security, can emerge.

Consequently, the GlobalArctic project aims to become an international and interdisciplinary research project, as well as an international center of excellence, on the globalized Arctic with sites in several Arctic states and regions, and partners all over the Northern Hemisphere.


This project is developed in different lines of research:

  1. The Arctic Region and CPLP security arrangements/challenges - North and South Atlantic Oceans in Comparison
  2. Power, public policies and climate change







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