Os artigos nesta seção correspondem a uma seleção da produção científica dos investigadores do CAPP.

Carvalho, Diana Health Environments Research & Design Journal Qualities of Inpatient Hospital Rooms: Patients’ Perspectives
FonsecaJaime International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication [link] An empirical examination of the relationship between contemporary media exposure patterns and different audience characteristics
FonsecaJaime Central European Journal of Public Policy Policy Effects on the Quality of Public Health Care: Evaluating Portuguese Public Hospitals’ Quality through Customers’ Views
Fonseca, Jaime European Journal of Integrative Medicine The effect of Reiki therapy on quality of life of patients with blood cancer: Results from a randomized controlled trial
Nascimento, José Universitas Psychologica Relation between Organizational Commitment and Professional Commitments: an Exploratory Study Conducted with Teachers
Rego, Paulo
Lopes, Miguel
Nascimento, José
Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Authentic Leadership and Organizational Commitment: The Mediating Role of Positive Psychological Capital